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Faith Mary Fowler was born September 26, 1963 and Curtis Binkley was born June 3, 1962. Curtis and Faith were Married in Sissiton, S.D. on August 15, 1980.
All the Kids were born here in Bemidji except Luke, as was Curtis and Faith was born in Monroe, Louisiana.
Faith finally sent me this addition to her page:

My name is Faith Mary Fowler Binkley. My mother is Judith Virginia Northup Fowler, the next younger sister to Connie. So I'm one your many first cousins.
I am the oldest of Judy's children. I turned 36 September 26th of 99. I have 8 children, one of which preceded us to heaven. Jacob would have been 10 yrs old last October. My oldest Amanda, will be 19 in March. Steve will be 18 in April. Billy will be 17 in March. Zachariah turned 12 in October. Mark turned 9 in November. Luke turned 7 in December. Eve Lyn turned 4 in Sept. My husband, without whom none of this would be possible is Curtis and we've been married almost 20 years. Curtis works at a Dairy Farm and does two milkings a day and all the shots and breeding (A.I.) for the owner. I work at a liquor store and run a greenhouse every spring, now. I used to work for the same guy as my husband before my elbows got to bad. I gues that's about it, well not really but you'll get to actually know me as time goes on. Under Construction.

Curtis and Faith Binkley Family

Children of Curtis and Faith binkley

Amanda Marie Binkley B. March 08, 1981 M. Adam Theisen
Steve Ryan Binkley B. April 21, 1982
William Ray B. 03/23/1983 M. Ashley Tisdell on 09/10/2004
Zachariah Reid B. October 19, 1987
Jacob John B. October 23, 1989 D. Nov. 7, 1989
Mark Randall B. November, 19, 1990
Luke Robert B. December 5, 1992 (born at home)
Eve Lyn B. September 12, 1995

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